AAPL RPL/CPL Certification Review

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 to Friday, February 26th, 2021

AAPL has added a RPL/CPL Certification Review and Exam in OKC for February 23-26, 2021!  

Owen M. Barnhill, CPL
S. Scott Prather, CPL
Roger A. Soape, CPL

Click the following link for more information and to register with AAPL:


Below is information which helps AAPL members with the certification approval process.

Distinguish Yourself in Your Career

AAPL's certifications are recognized throughout the industry as indicators of competency, proficiency and professionalism. Research shows that an AAPL certification enhances a member's credibility in the industry and can potentially increase a landman's earnings. 

Prepare to Apply:

Identify sponsors who can collectively verify your full work history to meet the minimum required credit years. 
Complete the affidavit for Registered Landman (RL), Registered Professional Landman (RPL) or Certified Professional Landman (CPL). 
Register for the required RPL or CPL exam after the application has been approved by the Certification Committee.*

*All certification applicants must have their applications approved prior to sitting for the exam.

Certification Requirements:

Review the full list of certification requirements online along with the RPL and CPL qualification questionnaires. 

Applicants should apply for the highest certification level they are eligible for and do not have to start with the RL designation and move up. 

Exam Preparation: 

The CPL/RPL Study Guide and CPL/RPL Review On-Demand Webinar may be purchased at any time. 

RPLs and CPLs may also choose to attend a live Certification Exam Review. 


Upon application approval, RPLs and CPLs have one year to take the initial exam.

RLs are emailed an at-home exam and have 45 days to complete the test. 

CPL/RPL exams are offered regionally throughout the year and may be scheduled at AAPL's headquarters in Fort Worth at any time. 

Maintaining Certification:

After receiving a certification designation the following are continuing education requirements: 

RL - 5 industry-related continuing education credits per year

RPL - 25 continuing education credits per 5-year certification period (must include 2 ethics)

CPL - 50 continuing education credits per 5-year certification period (must include 2 ethics) 

If you still have questions or would like additional help, please contact the Certification Department at (817) 847-7700 or certification@landman.org