Sporting Clays Tournament

Friday, August 28th, 2020

“IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN” – Two out of the last three years “Mother Nature” blessed us with intense rain, wind, and lighting. Well this year we have new challenges that we have all been facing. We never expected having to deal with a virus that eventually was labeled a pandemic that resulted in basically shutting down everything mixed with a drop in oil prices and a downturn in business that has hit our industry hard.

After much discussion and consideration about the status of our industry this year the Sporting Clays Event will have a very different format. We will not be soliciting sponsors for the event. There will be an open registration period so that we can get a head count on the number of shooters that will participate. You can register as a team of shooters or register as an individual shooter and be placed on a team.

For many years the OCAPL members have been great supporters of the Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program. This year the OYHP wants to give back and will be providing lunch. The OYHP wants to simply say thank you for your support and want to encourage you to come enjoy shooting some sporting clays and network with your fellow members.

There will be no prizes given away this year. Each team of 5 shooters will pay the cost that is charged by Silverleaf. An individual shooter will pay an individual cost that is charged by Silverleaf. The owner of Silverleaf has suffered a tremendous loss due to his business not being an essential business. As a sign of support for Silverleaf we simply ask that you buy your shells for the round of Sporting Clays from Silverleaf as shells will not be provided this year.

As Chairman of the Sporting Clays Committee I want to encourage you make plans to attend this event, enjoy some good food and network with your fellow members of the OCAPL.  

Shannon Reed

Chairman Sporting Clays Committee

(Complete Details of this event will be emailed to all OCAPL members)