September 16, 2018

The AAPL Quarterly Board Meeting was held on September 16, 2018 at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, Birmingham, Alabama. Mike Curry, AAPL President, called the meeting to Order.  The Invocation was given by David Miller, followed by the introduction of guests and roll call of the Executive Committee, Directors and Committee Chairs. Upon adoption of the Agenda, the minutes from the last board meeting on June 20, 2018 were adopted by acclamation. 

Treasurer’s Report: Michael Pisciotte, Treasurer, provided a report on AAPL and its affiliates for the period ending June 30, 2018 as follows:

As compared to June 30, 2017, AAPL, Inc.’s total assets have increased from $33,408,171 to $36,394,241 – a change of $2,986,070 or 8.94%. Total liabilities, as compared to June 30, 2017, have increased from $2,517,677 to $2,489,047 - a change of $28,630 or 1.14%.  Funds in the amount of $585,764 were withdrawn for disaster relief.
Revenues (exclusive of investment revenue) compared to June 30, 2017 have increased from $6,099,351 to $7,387,596, a change of $1,288,245 or 21.12%. The increase in revenue is due to membership dues, reinstatement of recertification fees, increase in publications income, Contract Center income and rental income from NAPE Expo. 
Expenses have increased 4.34% from $6,942,071 to $7,243,351, a change of $301,280. The increase in expenses is due in large measure to a $585,764 disaster relief contribution AAPL made to the AAPL Educational Foundation and a one-time $100,000 donation to CRED for the Colorado initiative.  When excluding the donations, expenses decreased by 5.54% overall.   The decrease is due to the elimination of governmental lobbying expenses and a reduction in salaries, contract labor, and benefits by moving seven employees to NAPE Expo.   
Investments as of June 30, 2018 are $26,919,197, an increase of $2,369,776, or 9.65% as compared to the same period last year. The change has been the result of unrealized and realized gains in the AAPL investment account.  Funds withdrawn from the investment account were solely related to the disaster relief.                                                                                                                                          
As of June 30, 2018, the Education Foundation, Inc.’s balance sheet reflects $4,182,158, which is an increase of $443,254 or 11.85% as compared to the same period last year. The Statement of Investment Accounts reflects $3,987,553 total monies invested which is an increase of $277,953 or 7.49% as compared to the same period last year.
As of June 30, 2018, the Landman Scholarship Trust’s balance sheet reflects $7,505,368, which is an increase of $618,778 or 8.98% as compared to the same period last year. The Statement of Investment Accounts reflects $7,469,796 total monies invested, which is an increase of $600,711 or 8.74% as compared to the same period last year.

AAPL General Report:

President Mike Curry noted a written thank you from the Denver Landman’s Association for AAPL’s contribution of $100,000 to CRED (Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development) in response to Colorado’s Proposition 112 (2,500’ setbacks) that was slated for the November election.  As an update, that measure was defeated. 
A final total of $585,000 was distributed for disaster relief.  There is $112,000 remaining in the fund for future distribution. 
President Curry discussed redefining certain aspects of land work for certification.  This topic will be further evaluated at the December meeting.
David Miller discussed tuition assistance for those that may be attending the NAPE Business Conference.  The purpose is to alleviate some of the costs to attend the NAPE Business Conference, including the job fair, for those that may be out of work or underemployed.    
AAPL currently has twenty employees and two open positions, while NAPE has seven full-time employees, with one open role.  Openings are for Member Services, Membership, and NAPE Business Development.
It was announced that the 2021 Annual Meeting’s primary location will be Calgary, while the secondary location is Austin. 

Nape and Annual Meeting:

Summer NAPE was a success with over 2,800 attendees and over 225 exhibitors. Sponsorships were over $450,000. The Business Conference was well attended and provided multiple educational programs.
Nape Summit 2019 will include George and Laura Bush as speakers at the NAPE Charity Luncheon.  Sponsorships already exceed last year’s final numbers.  Booth exhibitors are expected to exceed 750.
Annual Meeting

2018 Denver Annual Meeting attendance was 890, of which 637 were members.  The Denver meeting income exceeded expenses by $168,318. In the ten-year period from 2009 to 2018, only Boston 2011 and Denver 2018 meetings did not incur financial losses.
2019 Pittsburgh Annual Meeting has already raised over $70,000 in sponsorships.

Other Noteworthy News/Reports:

AAPL Officer and Awards nominations are due January 11, 2019.  While OCAPL will submit packets for certain local association and individual awards, other awards nominations and officer nominations are open to all AAPL members. 

If you are interested in networking and mentoring, I encourage you to look into the Landman Advisory Connection Program.  The program provides a platform for experienced land professionals to mentor new members of our profession or those who may desire to enhance their skills in a certain area of focus.  As of the meeting, nineteen advisors were matched with nineteen participants.  
If you are in need of credits, please check the AAPL website as previously recorded seminars are available for as low as $10/credit.   
The next Board of Director’s meeting will be at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Lost Pines, Texas in December. 

If you are interested in serving on an AAPL or OCAPL committee or otherwise becoming more involved, please feel free to contact me. Additionally, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas regarding the AAPL and/or its services, please do not hesitate reach out.    

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Watkins

AAPL Director