Secretary's Letter


Is it really Fall already?  While we may not be heading into the traditional Fall that everyone would hope for, there are glimmers of hope starting to creep into the landscape.  Schools have started to carefully reopen.  Tennis, soccer, basketball, golf and baseball are all playing in various, new forms.   As of this writing, there are professional and college football games on the schedule for this weekend, some of which may even allow fans!  It is obviously not where things were before 2020, but it is certainly a step in the right direction from where things have been. 

As we all know, the OCAPL Board and the various committees were forced to cancel or reschedule many of this year’s meetings and events.  However similar to schools and sports, we too have been able to slowly, carefully resume certain activities and events.  We were able to safely have the Golf Tournament and Sporting Clays networking events.  Along with those two successful events, the upcoming educational seminar has been scheduled at Chisholm Creek on Oct. 17 (registration open!).  Echoing the words from the President’s Letter last month, I would like to recognize and commend the hard-work put in by the various committees to put these events together especially considering the current state of things. 

The OCAPL Board recognizes how important it is for our membership to stick together in these trying times.  I can assure you that all Board Members remain committed to providing the membership with networking and educational opportunities, even if they have to be creative to do so.  Clarke Richards and Chase Payton and the Education Committee are working hard to provide safe educational opportunities, whether those are virtual or (hopefully) in-person.  The Monday Night Meeting and Entertainment Committees are both exploring all options to allow for some type of networking event through the Fall and into the Holidays.  Aaron Meek and the Legislative Affairs Committee has been tracking federal stimulus packages throughout the year, and providing valuable information to our members.  Robert Rice, the AAPL Director, stays connected to all opportunities offered by AAPL, including the education credit that is currently being offered to AAPL members.  As President, Jerrod Hardegree has worked incredibly hard to help our Board and membership navigate through these uncharted waters.  He has led the way in encouraging new, creative ideas to allow our membership to stay connected and together.  It is inspiring to watch the work of the collective group, and I am humbled yet excited to serve in my role.   

Even though this has been an unbelievably challenging year on a number of fronts, the resiliency of our people and industry puts us in a position to persevere and prevail.  While opportunities may currently be limited, I encourage you to look for those offered by both the OCAPL and AAPL to stay in touch with your network and enhance your skillset.  Over time, more opportunities will start to return too even if they are in a new, different form.


Sam McCurdy, OCAPL Secretary