President's Letter

Final Words from the President for 2019

As I reflect on 2019, it’s hard to believe it has come and gone so quickly, yet here we are about to celebrate the Christmas season!  I can’t possibly fill this letter with the appreciation and gratitude I have for each officer, committee member, chair and co-chair for all they have done to make this year another success, but you all know who you are and we simply couldn’t be the organization we are today without your commitment.  After all, we are a voluntary organization, and it’s incredibly humbling to witness everyone display a servant’s heart and give selflessly day in and day out.  The fruits of your hard work are instilled in the drive and determination of future generations of OCAPL Leadership, and that is what makes our service so rewarding!  As I pass the gavel on to Jerrod Hardegree, incoming 2020 OCAPL President, I look forward to watching his passion continue to lead the organization in a positive direction.  I can assure you that Jerrod’s energy and drive for OCAPL leaves you all in good hands.  I look forward to continuing to watch OCAPL grow in 2020!

The Christmas Party was once again a huge success.  Entertainment Chair and Co-Chair Sam McCurdy and Brian Carlozzi should be commended.  I’d also like to recognize Jordan McGee and Elle Portwood, Community Affairs Chair and Co-Chair, for their tireless work on the Christmas Raffle.  At press time, thanks to their hard work and the generosity of our sponsors, we were able to raise over $40,000, which will be donated to our two charities, Pivot and the Good Shepherd Clinic.  Finally, thank you to Teresa Portwood, our manager, and quite frankly, the glue that holds this organization together.  Teresa, you are appreciated more than you know!  OCAPL Membership for 2019 remains strong at 1,422 members, of which 1,132 are AAPL members, I encourage each of you to advocate for our organization to keep these numbers strong.  Please continue to take advantage of your membership privileges and remember to renew your membership for 2020. You will receive a renewal email on January 2nd with instructions. The renewal period is January 1st through February 15th, please do not attempt to renew before then.

As we close the book on 2019, our great industry has been challenged with another trough of low prices, forced downsizing, and many projects being tabled or dropped all together.  Many of you have been affected, but I ask we all remember that adversity begets opportunity!  As each of you know, we have to buckle down, maintain a positive attitude and we will overcome the hurdle, just as each generation before us has done from Spindletop to the Shale Revolution.  Let’s emerge stronger, more disciplined and fit to be the voice our profession deserves.  It’s you, our membership that drives our success.  Relationships are the backbone of our existence, so I encourage each of you to use any adversity as opportunity to connect and/or strengthen your relationships.  I leave you all with one of my favorite quotes; “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”  Should you ever need anything from me, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous 2020,

Jeff Brooks

2019 OCAPL President