William M.(Bill) Majors Jr., CPL

This award is presented to an OCAPL member, active, associate, life or honorary, who has made an exceptional mentoring contribution in one or more of the following categories: OCAPL, the land profession, the petroleum industry and the community.
2022 Serena Buck
2021 Tom Wible
2020 Jeff Brooks
2019 Bryan Hennigan
2018 Hal C. Smith
2017 Timothy Dowd

2016 Philip Lowry

2015 Carrie Askins

2014 Dave Hampton

2013 Larry Patrick

2012 Gail Cope

2011 Ken Wilpitz

2010 Jack C. Richards

2009 Tom S. Dudley

2008 Candace Robinson

2007 Charles (Chuck) Lundeen

2006 Owen M. (Monty) Barnhill

2005 Scott Stone

2004 Robert D. Gray

2003 R.L. Sias

2002 Bruce J. Coates

2001 L.O. (Lew) Ward

2000 Michael L. Sias

1999 J. Phil Jones

1998 Joe M. Van Auken

1997 Jack J. Sweeney

1996 Richard C. Cope

1995 Barby J. James

1994 V. Ross Brown

1993 Clark R. Musser

1992 William (Bill) Majors, Jr.