Landman of the Year

This award is presented to recognize an outstanding landman for his or her contribution to the land profession, the petroleum industry, OCAPL and the community. The recipient shall be an active OCAPL member.
2020 Robert Rice
2019 Larry Coshow
2018 Nick Watkins
2017 Mike Walker
2016 Lindsey Miles

2015 Bhavin Naik

2014 Julie Woodard

2013 Bryan Hennigan

2012 Darrell Noblitt

2011 Amy Jo Love

2010 J. Phil Jones

2009 Jack C. Taylor

2008 Will Reagan

2007 Franklin Muskrat, Jr.

2006 Lyman (Nick) W. Nichols

2005 Candace Robinson

2004 Jack C. Richards

2003 Ted K. Jacobs

2002 Scott L. Stone

2001 Gilbert Tompson

2000 Barby J. James

1999 Steven D. Bryant

1998 Robert J. (Jeff) Miller

1997 Owen M. (Monty) Barnhill

1996 James W. Wallis

1995 Will (Bill) Majors, Jr.

1994 Jack J. Sweeney

1993 Charles R. Robinson

1992 F.W. Pete Brown