2020 Executive Officers and Committee Chairmen

Title / Position Name  (*Executive Board Member)
President *Hardegree, Jerrod
Vice President *Fleharty, Michael
Treasurer *Campo, Jennifer
Secretary *McCurdy,Sam
1st Past President *Brooks, Jeff
2nd Past President *Beavers, Matt
AAPL Director *Rice, Robert
Awards and Nominations/Ethics Woodard, Julie
Awards and Nominations/Ethics Ray, Dianna
Community Affairs Chair Portwood, Elle
Community Affairs Co-Chair Brock, Michael
Education Chair *Richards, Clarke
Education Co-Chair Payton, Chase
Entertainment Chair Carlozzi, Brian
Entertainment Co-Chair Sellers, Sarah
Entertainment Co-Chair Sivertson, Jon
Field Landman Chair Williams, Evan
Field Landman Co-Chair Rickman, Jason
Field Landman Co-Chair Kaiser, Danny
Fishing Tournament Chair Graham, David
Fishing Tournament Co-Chair Gee, Amirald
Fun Run Chair *Dickensheet, Dan
Fun Run Co-Chair Rohlmeier, Heather
Girls Night Out Chair *Brockus, Alva
Girls Night Out Co-Chair Storey, Gracie
Golf Tournament Chair Naik, Bhavin
Golf Tournament Co-Chair Kammerer, Brandon
Industry Affairs Chair Jennings, Brandon
Industry Affairs Co-Chair Cloer, Ryan
Industry Affairs Co-Chair *McGee, Jordan
Legislative Affairs Chair Meek, Aaron
Legislative Affairs Co-Chair Arrowood, John
Membership Chair Love, Bethany
Monday Night Speaker Co-Chair Remmert, Chris
Monday Night Speaker Co-Chair Brady, Martin
Newsletter Chair Clark, Josh
Newsletter Co-Chair McDonald, Katie
OU EM Mentoring Chair Beavers, Matt
OU EM Advisor McConnell, Mike
Public Relations Chair Volino, Jordan
Public Relations Co-Chair Gumbs, Michael
Public Relations Co-Chair Campo, Jeremiah
Special Advisor Love, Amy
Sporting Clays Chair Reed, Shannon
Sporting Clays Co-Chair Jenkins, Brandon
Website Chair Raney, Grant
Weekend Take Off Co-Chair Coshow, Larry
Weekend Take Off Co-Chair Love, Amy
OCAPL Manager Portwood, Teresa