2019 Executive Officers and Committee Chairmen

Title / Position Name  (*Executive Board Member)
President *Brooks, Jeff
Vice President *Hardegree, Jerrod
Treasurer *Fleharty, Michael
Secretary *Campo, Jennifer
1st Past President *Beavers, Matt
2nd Past President *Rice, Robert
AAPL Director *Watkins, Nick
Awards and Nominations/Ethics Woodard, Julie
Community Affairs Chair *McGee, Jordan
Community Affairs Co-Chair Portwood, Elle
Education Chair *Richards, Clarke
Education Co-Chair Payton, Chase
Entertainment Chair McCurdy, Sam
Entertainment Co-Chair Carlozzi, Brian
Executive Committee Member *Wickham, Diana
Field Landman Chair Campo, Jeremiah
Field Landman Co-Chair Bivins, Stacey
Fishing Tournament Chair Graham, David
Fishing Tournament Co-Chair Cook, Nate
Fun Run Chair Dickensheet, Dan
Fun Run Co-Chair Rohlmeier, Heather
Girls Night Out Chair Brockus, Alva
Girls Night Out Co-Chair Anderson, Leslie
Golf Tournament Chair Naik, Bhavin
Golf Tournament Co-Chair Kammerer, Brandon
Industry Affairs Chair Jennings, Brandon
Industry Affairs Co-Chair Cloer, Ryan
Legislative Affairs Chair Meek, Aaron
Legislative Affairs Co-Chair Hampton, Dave
Membership Chair Love, Bethany
Monday Night Speaker Chair Powell, Heather
Monday Night Speaker Co-Chair Parks, Colt
Newsletter Chair Hogland, Tyler
Newsletter Co-Chair Gannaway, Stephanie
OU EM Mentoring Chair Hennigan, Bryan
OU EM Advisor Long, Steve
Public Relations Chair Vawter, Brandt
Special Advisor Miles, Lindsey
Sporting Clays Chair Reed, Shannon
Sporting Clays Co-Chair Ritter, Chase
Website Chair Raney, Grant
Weekend Take Off Chair *Coshow, Larry
Weekend Take Off Co-Chair Love, Amy
OCAPL Manager Portwood, Teresa