About Us

OCAPL in the Past

The first regular meeting of the Oklahoma Landmen's Association was held in the Skirvin Hotel in April 1947. Thirty-nine members attended the first meeting and the membership peaked in 2013 to 1750 members. In 1962, the name was changed to the Oklahoma City Association of Petroleum Landmen (OCAPL) and changed again in 2009 to the Oklahoma City Association of Professional Landmen.  The OCAPL was recognized in 1993, 1997 and 2006 as the AAPL Local Association of the Year. In 2007, the AAPL awarded OCAPL members, Jack Sweeney with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his service to AAPL and the industry, Candace Robinson with Best AAPL Director Communication Award and Brian Hennigan with Best Committee Award for his service on CPL Certification. In 2013 member Phil Jones was awarded the AAPL Lifetime Achievement Award for his lifelong committement to AAPL and the industry.

OCAPL is also very active in the OU/EM Program at The University of Oklahoma and the new Energy Management Program at The University of Tulsa.  Scholarships are given out to students at both universities yearly.

Today in OCAPL

Currently OCAPL has over 950 members. Monthly meetings are held the first Monday of each month September through April. OCAPL heralds several special events each year and prides themselves in the educational programs made available to the members. Applications for membership can be downloaded from the OCAPL web site.