President's Letter

Here we go! One last letter before I officially sign off as President of OCAPL. With your help, we finished the year off strong and I have many people to thank.

In November, the Community Affairs Committee, in partnership with Russell Westbrook’s Why Not? Foundation, organized and served nearly 1,000 meals to families in need at the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma City. OCAPL had over 30 volunteers help make this event successful. Russell Westbrook’s presence always dominates the spotlight but I feel confident saying that this event is made successful by the OCAPL’s involvement and the hard work of our members and Community Affairs Committee. Thank you so much to those who helped make the event successful once again.

Thank you to Sam McCurdy, Brian Carlozzi and the Entertainment Committee for another great Christmas party. Nearly 500 people packed The Jones Assembly for a night of fun and celebration. And again, I have to call out the Community Affairs Committee, especially Jordan McGee and Elle Portwood, who raised a record amount of money through the prize raffle. They truly outdid themselves this year. Due to their hard work and our charitable membership, we will be able to donate upwards of $40,000 to charity as a result of our fundraising efforts. Congratulations and thank you to the entire membership on this one. We are fortunate and should be proud that our organization is so strong that we are able to achieve results such as this.

Thank you to all of the committees, the officers, our sponsors and volunteers. This year’s success would not have been possible without your support and hard work. Thank you to Teresa Portwood, who makes us all look much better than we deserve. Thank you to the membership. We would be nothing without your participation and attendance.

I wish the best of luck to Jeff Brooks as your 2019 OCAPL President. His vision and leadership will bring even greater things to this organization and I am excited to pass the gavel and let him take it from here!

We will see you all at the next Educational Luncheon and Monday Night meeting on January 7th.


Matt Beavers

2018 OCAPL President