October Treasurer's Letter

Once again, the chill of fall leads us in to a new season of cooler temperatures, end of year budgets, personal and company goals, and holiday gatherings with family and friends.  2017 has again been a challenging, yet encouraging, year for our industry as we adjust to pricing stability and more development and delineation of existing plays.  As we continue to develop our existing plays, refine processes and diligently procure and perfect our acreage, we should not lose sight of the fact that exploration, and the Landman’s role in the scouting and strategy of new ideas or concepts, remains as the backbone of our profession and what we all should be very excited about entering 2018 and beyond.   For those of us who have been associated with this industry for an extended time, we know that true grit, determination, steadfast resolve, and passion for our profession are what have earned us a seat at the table as we work to sustain and build our careers with what truly drives us to achieve excellence. 

Jim Collins defines this as the Hedgehog Concept in his book “Good to Great”, simply meaning a fox is crafty and cunning, in pursuit of the hedgehog, but the hedgehog is very good at defense by rolling in to a sphere of sharp spikes, always outsmarting the fox in the end.  For a company or individual to go from good to great, it requires a deep understanding of three intersecting circles translated into a simple concept; (1) Understanding what you are deeply passionate about; (2) What drives your economic engine; and finally (3) what you can be best in the world at.  Described simply, the good to great companies in Collins’ study were more like hedgehogs, dowdy creatures that know “one big thing”, and stick to it.  The comparison companies were more like foxes; crafty, cunning creatures that know many things yet lack consistency.  These principles described in Collins’ book translate well to our industry and more importantly to our profession as Landmen, focusing on what we are truly passionate about, what drives our economic engine, and what we can be the best in the world at.  There’s no greater time for applying these principles to our daily tasks in order to become great at what we do, and provide a foundation of excellence for future generations. 

As your 2017 Treasurer, it has been an honor to serve the membership and work with a team of talented professionals who truly love what they do.  I can’t say enough about the hours and dedication each of your committee members and officers give to ensure OCAPL is a first class organization.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a huge “thank you” to Teresa, as she has also dedicated countless hours to our organization and is instrumental in making sure every meeting, event, and topic of discussion is handled seamlessly.  I look forward to what 2018 will provide for not only our organization, but our industry and profession.  Remember, grit, determination, and passion will always provide us with the foundation and fortitude to become great, both personally and professionally. 

Our next Monday Night Meeting and Educational Luncheon will be on November 6th, please take advantage of these opportunities to educate yourself and build relationships or form new ones.  I’d like to commend Heather Rohlmeier, Joey Barnhill, Dan Dickensheet, and Preston Corp on the success of our second annual 5K and fun run on October 8th.  The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time.  I know many are already looking forward to next year’s event.  Amy Love and Larry Coshow should also be recognized for chairing another successful Weekend Take Off which was held at Beavers Bend State Park on September 29th-October 1st.  Again, great turnout, great speakers, and great networking.  Upcoming events include Girls Night Out on November 2nd at the Water’s Edge Winery, and The Russell Westbrook Thanksgiving Dinner with the Boys and Girls Club of OKC on November 14th.  I’m looking forward to closing out 2017 with the Christmas Party and celebrating another outstanding year with the OCAPL membership.    

Best regards,

Jeff Brooks, CPL