January President's Letter


2018 is here! That means there are young adults in college, and maybe even already working as landmen, who were born in the year 2000 or later. Think about that for a second and tell me if you do not feel very old all of a sudden! Apologies for starting my first letter as president by making everyone feel old but we tend to say it every year around this time and it never fails to amaze me how fast time can move by us.

OCAPL had another strong year in 2017 and we finished the year with over 1,300 members. It is now time for all of you to renew your OCAPL memberships for 2018. A renewal email and instructions were sent out the first week of January, but if you need further assistance to renew your membership please do not hesitate to contact myself or ocapl@coxinet.net and we can provide further instructions. The OCAPL Executive Committee is currently working to finalize and approve our 2018 budget and many of our decisions around our budget are rooted in the expected number of membership dues received throughout the year. You can do your part to help the organization by renewing your membership early in 2018. This allows us to plan further ahead for our events and makes them better when we can depend on a strong membership and resources. Thank you in advance for helping us out with your early renewals.

I want to go ahead and thank all of our sponsors in advance for 2018 as well. We truly cannot be a successful organization without you. Everything from this newsletter, our website, and our events, meetings and parties are all made successful by the support we receive from many organizations across the city, state and country. Please take a moment to review the sponsors of this newsletter as you read through our updates and articles.

I have one last request of the OCAPL membership. Do not hesitate to send me your suggestions, ideas, improvements and even your complaints. The Board and I are tasked with making OCAPL the best landman organization in the country but we can admit that we need help from time to time. Please reach out to me if you would like to visit about making OCAPL a better organization. I can promise that we will not make every change that is suggested but we will thoughtfully consider every suggestion and implement where possible and where it makes sense.

Below you can find a Calendar of Events detailing upcoming opportunities to utilize your OCAPL membership. Do not be surprised later in the year if we experiment with moving one of our regularly scheduled Monday Night Meetings to a Thursday evening. This has been an idea discussed the past several years and we have seen other organizations try this with great success at boosting attendance numbers. This is one of many fair warnings you all will receive, so please stay tuned so that you do not show up at the Oklahoma History Center on the wrong night!

I look forward to serving as OCAPL President in 2018!


Matt Beavers

2018 OCAPL President