April President's Letter

I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would make a conscious effort NOT to mention the Thunder in every single newsletter! You know, keep it relevant to OCAPL, but how could I not recognize the awesomeness that is Russell Westbrook!  In a year that appeared to be a rebuilding year at best, Russ single handedly lead our Thunder to nearly 50 wins, the playoffs, and, of course, earned a nice little record in the process!  I think we can all agree that Westbrook deserves the MVP!!        

April and May have always been my favorite months when it comes to OCAPL activities.  Diana Wickham and Brian Gibbs kick it off with the Field Landman Seminar on Thursday, April 20th.  This year’s speakers are Eric King, JD speaking about the Surface Damage Act and Richard Grimes, JD whose topic will be the recent Fairfield Decision; the latter of which has been a hot topic recently at the OCC.         

The first event in May is the OCAPL Fishing Tournament at Lake Texoma.   There are still spots available so, if you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in this great event, sign up now!  David Graham, Nate Cook, and the Fishing Tournament Committee always put on a great event.  While they can’t guarantee you will catch any fish, they will make sure you have a great time!           

Last but not least, the OCAPL Golf Tournament will be held May 22nd at Oak Tree Golf and Country Club and Oak Tree National.  Bhavin Naik, Brandon Kammerer, and the rest of the Golf Committee deserve big praise as they were able to secure Oak Tree National as the 3rd course.  This year, the demand was much higher than we anticipated and the Golf Committee worked hard to meet that demand while ensuring the quality our membership is accustomed too.  Don’t worry, despite the extra cost of adding Oak Tree National there will still be plenty of amazing prizes to be had! 

The next OCAPL Monday Night Meeting and Educational Luncheon aren’t until September. So hopefully everyone can come out, enjoy these great events, and get their networking fill before the summer!      

Should you ever have suggestions, questions or concerns regarding OCAPL, please don’t hesitate to contact me.       


Robert Rice, CPL

2017 OCAPL President